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Getting tech done can cost you upwards 250% of the actual cost price. We build tech for you at cost price in exchange for a partnership stake.

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Partnership Outsourcing vs Outsourcing

Why is partnership outsourcing the best option for you?

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Truly Align Objectives

A commission based outsourcing firm's goal is to maximize profit while yours is to minimize cost. Since we operate on a 0% profit policy, we profit only if your business succeeds, therefore we act like your partner. It is in our best interest to never cut corners in development to build the best product at the lowest cost. This ensure that our objectives are always aligned since we win only when you win.

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Leverage Our Experience

We have worked with dozens of startups and have over 3 decades of experience in helping entrepreneurs build an empire. We have expert insight into what works and what does not work. So we can help you avoid any costly mistake that could mean the difference between your business growing into a thriving empire and failing to take-off. As a partner our experience is your experience.

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Cheapest on the market

As a partner it is in our best interest to get all your technology needs furnished with the cheapest cost. The biggest flaw of outsourcing is that firms usually build sub-optimal backend and database infrastructure in an attempt to save their costs. This can really hurt your business and is only visible long after the development is done. You don't suffer this flaw with us since we are in it for the long haul. We are your partner not a vendor.

We know exactly what you need!

We've seen hundreds of requirements over the last decade. We've seen it all. We have our own recipe to help you uncover what exactly you want and it works everytime!

  • Discover your product-market fit
  • Learn about your true tech-product needs
  • Uncover uncharted optimizations
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Why choose us
Business is hard and we know that. We ensure that all our integration with you is risk free and predictable with a black-box like experience, so that you can focus on advancing your business without worrying about the tech.
  • Get a cost advantage with our custom platforms.

  • Get a comprehensive marketing blueprint, for every app built.

  • Get unlimited technical consulting, for every app built.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through these questions to dive deeper into our offerings.

We at Expereus view ourself as a top enterprise application development company for an entrepreneur on budget.

Our team at Expereus primarily focuses on security, scalability, maintainability and extensibility, while creating an enterprise app. Additionally UI and UX is also considered to be of paramount importance, depending on the business case.

Here is a mini list that walks you through the process that is undertaken during the creation of an enterprise application

  1. Optional Ideation Phase
  2. Requirement Analysis Phase
  3. Proposal Phase
  4. Functional Specification Phase
  5. Design Specification Phase
  6. Technical Specification Phase
  7. Data Specification Phase
  8. UI/UX Specification Phase
  9. Development Sprints Phase
  10. Final Acceptance Phase
  11. Deployment & Integration Phase

Expereus is predominantly a mobile application development company due to the fact that this avenue happens to be the #1 choice for entrepreneurs.

At expereus, we help you build your prototype / demo application for a potential investor / Or even an production grade app with the latest and greatest technology etched into it.

What differentiates us from the rest is that with every project you get access to a dedicated proposition specific CTO, who will collaborate with you in-order to achieve the right technology fit for your needs.

Apps and Websites can be built in a couple of days given the requirement. If you have a short deadline we can make it work.

We specialize in taking care of end-to-end technology needs for a business

At expereus, if you require end-to-end technology, we provide you with your very own virtual CTO. Our process is intuitive, depending upon your availability we fixate a level of collaboration within us. Let's say that you are a busy person and would like to focus 100% of your time on the business aspect of your proposition, We will run the technology aspect on autopilot and your virtual CTO will touchbase with you during important milestones and decisions to be made. Every interaction will be business-technology focused.

If you would like to be more involved in the process and be present at every stage of the development process, that can be accommodated too. We can go as fine-grained as your time permits to the extreme that, you could even sit with your assigned tech team all day.

At Expereus, Every project we take has 4 parameters - Quality, Price, features and Time.

We ask our clients to pick any 3 of those to optimize with the cost of the other.

For example, if you choose Quality, Time and Price, that equates to having having a high quality product built quickly at a nominal price, but at a cost of sacrificing some features.

We would be happy to discuss your parameters, and advice your best course of action. Just drop your information by at the contact us page.

All of our application are custom built from scratch, according to the specifications that we discuss.

We can go as custom as you desire, for instance you could collaborate with our design team to nail your desired application UI.